Meet Ken Fulk

    Engineer, Executive, Community and Church Leader, Long Time Allen Resident

    “Where ever I go I am always proud to tell people where I live, Allen, Texas, a place I love to call home. Allen is uniquely blessed with intelligent citizens who all seek to help make our City a better place to live, work and play.”

    Ken and his wife Susan, who serves as Performing Arts Secretary at Allen HS, have three children, all graduates of Allen High School and Texas A&M University.  Their son John has a Masters in Math and is an actuarial analyst.  Son Steven has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and works for an engineering software development company. Daughter Erin has her Masters in Accounting and works as a CPA at a major accounting firm.

    Ken is an engineer with a military background, having achieved the rank of captain in the US Air Force.  Ken now serves as a principal and President of RWB Consulting Engineers, a mechanical and electrical firm with almost 60 employees and is a licensed professional engineer in 12 states.


    A Strong History of Community Service

    Ken has been actively serving the Allen Community since 1987.  He is a former member of Allen City Council where he also served as Mayor Pro-Tem for 4 years.  He also has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission and Allen Economic Development Corporation.  During his time of service to our city, he helped helped initiate the first lighting pollution control ordinance, tree preservation ordinance and flood plain preservation guidelines.

    Ken has served in several roles for the Allen Independent School District including on a Project Kids Bond Planning Committee, as the Fine Arts Subcommittee Chair, Allen Band Boosters Association, the District Finance Strategic Planning Committee and a PTA member for 5 different schools over 14 years.

     In addition to his service to the City of Allen and AISD, Ken has also served as a member of the Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce, was a charter member of the Rotary Club of Allen Sunrise, and has served in many leadership roles at First United Methodist Church of Allen.  He has also participated with Boy Scouts of America for over 30 years as a Scoutmaster and currently services on the Executive Board for Circle Ten Council.  

    It has always been Ken’s goal to make Allen the best City it can be. As such, he has always supported quality development that benefits the citizens of Allen as much as it benefits the developer, to include making developments sustainable in design and to generate more tax revenue than the cost of services required to support development. 

    “The good news is that our City is not broken. Certainly we have issues that need to be addressed and we can do that through being intentional and working hard to resolve them – together. I am a listener, problem solver, and consensus builder. I bring significant experience, leadership, hard work, and integrity to the table and hope that will result in a steady hand at the helm, aimed at keeping Allen on a focused positive path forward. As your future Mayor I will do everything in my ability to make Allen the best it can be by being deliberate in making decisions on the Council while balancing the needs and concerns of all Allen residents.”

     Through all his years of service in Allen, Ken has developed a great understanding and appreciation for the challenges facing our city.  And Ken is eager to meet and talk with Allen residents and to hear their concerns for the future of our great city.  



      • Allen City Council incluing four (4) years as Mayor Pro-Tem
      • Allen Planning & Zoning Commission member for nine (9) years; Chairman for four (4) years.
      • Allen Economic Development Corporation Board Member for six (6) years (received 2006 Millennium Business Award – Individual Category)
      • Allen Capital Improvement Program Committees (Bond Planning-all since 1987); Served on Library, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety and Roadway Subcommittees.
      • Served on Allen Library Endowment Fund Board (over 6 years; current President, since 2016)
      • Graduate of Citizen’s Fire & Police Academies and Alumni Association member
      • Allen Fairview Chamber of Commerce Member (Individual) since 1997
      • Allen Heritage Guild Member (20+ years; served as Board member for nine (9) years)
      • Collin County Bond Committee on Transportation
      • Allen Independent School District:
        • 2007-2008 Project Kids Bond Planning Committee; Fine Arts Subcommittee Chair
        • Parent Teachers Association (PTA) member (14 years) at five (5) schools
        • Allen Band Booster Association member for 12 years; Board Member for four (4) years; Co-President for two (2) years, and served as Co-VP of Membership and Food Services
        • District Finance-Strategic Planning Committee (Budget Action Team)
        • Rountree Elementary School – Campus Improvement Team Member
      • Connemara Conservancy Board Members-two (2) years


    Solid Business Experience

    Ken has had a successful career as an licensed engineer in 12 states.   As a Principal and President of RWB Engineering, he has worked on many types of projects from K-12 and Higher Education buildings to Municipal Facilities and Office Complexes.  

    Ken’s education includes a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a M.A. in Business Management from Central Michigan University as well as studies at the Air Force Insitute of Technology-Engineering.

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